Depth Psychotherapy

index03b“The inner voice is the voice of a fuller life, of a wider, more comprehensive consciousness.”

— C.G. Jung

The masters of life know the way for they listen to the voice within them … the voice of simplicity and wisdom. Everyone has this voice. As if from far away it calls to us. It may be hard to hear at times … but without it we will never find our way through the forest.

Depth Psychotherapy is the beginning of a deep, personal relationship with yourself.  In the midst of the chaos of ordinary life, most of us miss hearing the small, quiet voice inside that knows the way.  Depth psychotherapy helps one find and experience the deep, underlying resources in life.  Many venues, including your dreams, which are the small hidden doors in the innermost sanctions of your soul, provide inroads to that voice and offer a way of delving into your personal myth and sources of healing. Depth psychotherapy helps with relationships, depression, life transitions, anxiety, creativity, childhood trauma, adult trauma, addictions, spirituality, aging and most of all, finding Meaning in Life.