Experiential Approaches

“Often the hands will solve a mystery that the intellect has struggled with  in vain.”

— C.G. Jung

or ‘sandplay,’ as it is translated in English, was named by its Swiss founder, Dora Kalff, a colleague of C.G. Jung.  It is a medium whereby a person has access to a tray of sand and miniature figures to make whatever kind of scene she or he cares to.  It is a non-verbal method for both adults and children which allows imagination, fantasy and emotion to be expressed, received and understood in a safe space.  Sandspiel, like a dream, can be a way of connecting to one’s true essence and core of being.  It is a creative way of engaging in the therapeutic situation and allows the symbolic expression of the psyche to be observed by both client and therapist.

Movement (not dance therapy) is another way in which the true self has an opportunity to express itself.  Whether from an image in a dream, an early memory, a spontaneous happening, or one which evolves from a daily situation or dilemma, all of the movements of our body can provide access to more wholeness when experienced and acknowledged.

Equine Assisted Psychotherapy combines my love of horses and the privilege of working with them and people at the same time.  EAP is a practiced on the ground only and the therapy is enhanced by the horse’s authenticity and sensitivity.  Co-partnering with a horse in therapy offers a solid, unique experience of relationship.  Horses are masters of being in the present and provide an earthy, yet sacred way of experiencing and working with our deepest nature.  Anyone can benefit this therapeutic method because no horse experience is necessary.